Bram van der Waaij & Jan Sipke van der Veen, TNO present at ISN Conference

Bram van der Waaij, Senior Research Scientist and Jan Sipke van der Veen, Research Scientist at TNO, present at the ISN Conference, in the session Cellular IoT: “Elastic streaming cloud based sensor data processing”.

Several projects within TNO require stream processing of sensor data. We use the Apache Storm platform to process the sensor inputs in a reliable, parallel way. We have added automatic elasticity to the Storm platform, so that it grows and shrinks as needed.

pasfoto (1)About Bram van der Waaij
Bram is Senior Research Scientist at TNO. His department focuses on the monitoring and control of large scale infrastructures and how the many related organizations can use this insight in an optimal manner. He specializes in cloud based sensor data storage, Bigdata streaming analysis and multi-party collaboration. Research topics include cloud based analysis, column based databases and generic anomaly detection algorithms. All with a focus on inter organizational collaboration and multi-use of sensor systems. He applies his knowledge in various industry sectors, among others: dike management, smart grids and agriculture.

Jan Sipke van der Veenjansipke
Jan Sipke is Research Scientist at TNO. He is currently pursuing a PhD in distributed systems. His main interest lies in using several heterogeneous clouds to enable robust and cost-effective applications with high performance.

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