Klamer Schutte, TNO presents: ‘GOOSE: Searching semantically on the Internet Of Sensors’

Klamer Schutte, Lead Scientist at TNO, presents in the session Marketing, Creative and Retail: “GOOSE: Searching semantically on the Internet Of Sensors”.

The GOOSE concept has the ambition to provide the capability to search semantically for any relevant information within “all” (including imaging) sensor streams in the entire Internet of sensors. This is similar to the capability provided by presently available Internet search engines which enable the retrieval of information on “all” web pages on the Internet. In line with current Internet search engines any indexing services shall be utilized cross-domain. The two main challenge for GOOSE is the Semantic Gap and Scalability. A description of the GOOSE demonstrator, providing natural language querying to many connected life cameras, will be provided.

picture_baltimoreAbout Klamer Schutte
Klamer is a lead scientist in the Intelligent Imaging group at TNO. He has filed over 10 patent applications and has published over 100 scientific papers. His research interest include image processing, pattern recognition, data fusion and artificial intelligence.

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