09:15 10:00 Welcome and Registration
10:00 10:25 rob jansen program Rob Jansen, Project manager, TNO, on “Sensors and sensor networks for smart structures”, More information
tno logo program
10:25 10:50 valentijn de leeuw program Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President ARC Advisory Group, Industrial Expert at, Belgium, on “FIWARE, The Open Source Platform for our Smart Digital Future”, More information 3if logo program
Duo presentation (supplier / customer)
10:50 11:15 perry van der meijden program Perry van der Meijden, Manager Maintenance Consultancy,  ENGIE Services West Industrie, on “IoT: The desired step change in Maintenance”, More information
engie logo 150x150
simon jagers program Simon Jagers, COO & Founder, Semiotic Labs, on “Practical IoT: focus on components – the systems will follow”, More information semioticlabs program
11:15 11:45 Break
11:45 12:10 joep paulissen program Joep Paulissen, Consultant smart infrastructure, TNO, on “Exploring the Digital Twin concept for use in civil infrastructure”, More information tno logo program
Duo presentation (supplier / customer)
12:10 12:35 martin blenkers program Martin Blenkers, Manager Ijssel Predictive Maintenance, IJssel Technologie, on “From Intelligent (IoT) Sensor to Plant Reliability”, More information
ijssel logo program
maurice jilderda program Maurice Jilderda, Development Manager BU Sitech Asset Health Center,  Sitech Services, on “The plant of the future starts today!”, More information
sitech program
12:35 13:00 Gerben Harmsen, Founder, twnkls | augmented reality, on “Augmented reality beyond the wow-factor”, More information
13:00 Visit TusExpo / Infra Tech 2019

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